Sunday, October 11, 2009

MADEBYMANDY finally is getting stock in.

Well I have finally bitten the bullet and overcome my fears and put my Owl dress in my Madeit store.
Over the next couple of weeks I will also be adding some Sew Liberated Emmeline Aprons which are sewn under the Cottage License Agreement.  These aprons are so pretty, they could be worn as a top over a t-shirt and pants or skirt.  I will also be adding some My Place Handy bags, which I have been making for some time, these are such a handy (pun intended) bag for mums to have.  I've used them for 2 of my boys and the kids love them.   

Besides getting my store stocked, I must commit more time to my poor blog as it has been a bit neglected of late.

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Vic @ Punky and Me said...

Why that apron looks mighty familiar... (and gorgeous!!)!! ;)