Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A day of sewing for ME.

I have had a few orders to sew up lately.  My uniforms have been popular but I was worried that my sewing for others was going to turn my love of creation into a chore.  So yesterday I took a much deserved day off to create something for me.

I needed a new wallet and I knew exactly which pattern I was going to use The KF Everything Wallet.  A friend Lissy from Craftymamas made this wallet the other week and it was gorgeous she inspired me.

Well this is my version of this great wallet.  This is the first time I've ever made a wallet and it was so easy.  The instructions on the pattern were so clear and precise.  Excellent for the first time wallet maker.

This gorgeous Fabric I got off ebay and the pattern off Etsy.

Now I'm refreshed and keen to get back into my uniform sewing.  Oh and I have another wallet cut out and ready to sew.  :)

Until Next time happy sewing...  :)


Sally said...

How lovely. What a wonderful thing to make for yourself - so beautiful yet practical and fully function too. Great stuff!!!

Gilly said...

Oh I adore this - how clever!

Christie said...

It's just gorgeous, such great fabric too.

Herself said...

What pattern did you follow?

dawnberries said...

It´s beautiful!