Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Carriers.

It's funny how after you have had your children, you find all these lovely things that would have made your life so much easier.   The Baby Carrier ( Pouch ) is one of those things for me.
My friend had her daughter and new granddaughter visit her recently.  I can remember being a first time mum, not the easiest thing to have to learn. :)

I was wondering what I could do to help this friend with her baby so off to the internet I go ( love surfing for new sewing projects :) ),  and I found this pattern for a baby carrier.  So I made up this pattern and fell in  love with it.  I have to say my friend was very happy with the end product too. :)
So I am now licensed to make these baby carriers.  I'm looking forward to sewing more of these very soon.


JulieT said...

This is gorgeous Mandy I had one of these for my girls and it was wonderful Are you going to make any for the congo shop?

Mandy said...

I am going too Julie :), just have to get organised. lol

Gilly said...

Oh Mandy they are fabbo and will fly out the congocart! Well done :)