Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gorgeous Rainbows End Studios Mandala Fabric.

Wow was I lucky today when I went to the post office.  Last week I ordered some beautiful fabric from Julie-Ann of Rainbows End Studios .  She had created these gorgeous pieces of fabric and of course me with my soft spot ( very soft spot) for fabric had to have some.  Aren't they just gorgeous,  Julie-Ann you are very clever.

I can feel a bag of some description coming on.  I may have to use one of these fabrics for my January challenge.  Now that's an idea.  :)

Happy Sewing :)


Tanya said...

she is clever isn't she!

Gilly said...

If you have probs deciding what to do with this divine fabric send it to me LOL!!!!

Mandy said...

Will remember that Gilly. LOL. :)

kanishk said...

There is nothing like a personal challenge to get the blood pumping. Time to get of the computer so I can get started..

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