Friday, January 22, 2010

Things change.. My January Sewing Challenge item. :)

I know that a couple of posts ago, I mentioned Carolyn's 12 months 12 Challenge.  I also said that I would be making a top and bag for myself for the January Challenge.

The other day I got a lovely surprise in the mail,  I received the most gorgeous bag from Carolyn

This is the bag I was going to make for the Jan Challenge but I'm so grateful to Carolyn for this gorgeous gorgeous bag.  What a lucky girl I am.
So since January is nearly over my goodness where has the time gone...and school nearly ready to go back.  Yesterday I was thinking about school bags and how I hate spending money only to have the kids wreck them. So this year I'm going to try the mum made it thing to see if they will look after their bags.
I was after a Messenger style bag, and I couldn't be bothered looking on the Net for a pattern.  I knew what I wanted and so lastnight I drafted a pattern, and today I made up the bag using some of my Hippy Chicks Fabric and a gorgeous Huups embroidery design.  I found both of these things through Craftymamas.
I'm absolutely thrilled with the end result and I have decided that this is my MEME January challenge item.

Now I have 4 more of these bags to make for the kids for school next week.  3 for my primary school kids and my #1 son wants one too.  What better compliment can you get then that, my kids want to take their mum's bag to school.   

Until next time Happy sewing :)


Gilly said...

I love these bags Mandy well done! And Carolyns is beautiful too - lucky you!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

ok i like it and then I saw the side and WOW i LOVE it, fantastic colours. Congrats on challenge 1!

Melissa Antolovic said...

This looks great. It looks a very handy size

Sally said...

Your messenger bag is delightful. Great stuff.

The Handmaden said...

Lovely bags! It's great when the children ask you to sew for them isn't it?

monART said...

ooooh I love it!